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This weeks Things & Stuff is about Philly Talent and there's a whole lot of it.  I have been going to some open jams and meeting some interesting and talented musicians, singers and music lovers.
 My friend singer Toni Washingtin and I recently started The Philadelphia Blues Society. We had two blues jams and the last one was standing room only. The third one was canceled by the venue two hours before it was to start. I was a little pissed off because a lot of people were looking forward to joining us and we had to cancel. I decided to check out a new open jam that had just started at Greys Social Lounge 132 Chestnut Street in Old City. I am so glad I went I had a great time.  The jam is hosted by Greg Sover who plays wicked guitar, the house band members are Rick Rienhart bass, Daniel Browse keys, and Will Emilus drums they are all equally talented musicians.  This jam is every Monday sign up 8:00 pm music starts 8:30 until 1:00 am.  If you are looking for a good jam check it out. Blues, Rock, Funk Reggae, Soul all good!! I don't have any video because there was not enough light.

I have also been going to Warm Daddy's and The Tritone on Tuesday nights.  I was at The Tritone a few weeks ago and drummer Kimpedro Rodriguez was performing with the house band a woman in the audience got up on the stage and started singing with them and I thought she was with him or the band. She blew me and every one else there away with her magnificent voice. I captured this performance and I am trying to post it on this blog to share with you!!!

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