From the recording Broken Hearted Blues

This song is about a boyfriend I was with for several years.  He was a great guy with a bad drinking problem. He was always getting in trouble and getting injured and then he started hanging out with crazy chics he met on the internet.   We did break up he landed himself one of them internet chics but we are still good friends and we play music together.


Broken Hearted Blues
Me and my baby been together for a while and we thought everything was good,  but somethings changed things are rearranged he ain't acting like the way he should
and every time in the back of my mind when he goes out late at night, I don't know what he's doing but when he gets home, he just wants to fuss and fight
and i'm feeling them  broken hearted blues, broken hearted blues, and I'm feeling them broken hearted blues,  broken hearted blues
and then one day i confronted him, i just couldn't take it no more i told him tell me whats going on or i'll be walking right out the door , the time has come to say good bye  to you , all good things must come to an end i won't be sing no broken hearted blues over you again chorus
I think I'm fed up with your messing and one day I will be teaching you a lesson , I won't be singing no broken hearted blues oh no