From the recording Stop Teazin Me Up

This is about someone I met while hanging out. I was newly single and he was a new flavor.  We had instant chemistry but we were both shy about approaching each other and eventually we did. We hooked up had a great time and then I ended up writing Stop Teazin Me Up.


Stop Teazin Me Up
I see you looking at me , I see the lust in your eyes
as they travel up and down my face, my chest , my hips, my thighs
oh baby i'm feeling you , i can tell you're feeling me too
so come on over, show me what you can do
you better stop teazin up, you better stop teazin up
if you don't aim to please, you better stop the teaze
you better stop teazin me and start pleasing me oh yeah
You got that look , like you're ready for some action
you know I need some good hard satisfaction
i got what  you want , you got what I need
so come on baby give it all to me
the time is here, the time is now
so come on baby lets put this thing on down
better stop teazin me start to pleasing me oh yeah
come on give me what i need