1. Moving On

From the recording Moving On

This is the reference track for this song. I am re-recording it as my next single. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think.
This song was written out of frustration of  lot of things going wrong in my life and the lives of others and reminding my self that this is nothing compared to what others are going through so I have to keep the faith , and pick my self up and keep on moving and things will get better and they always do.


I been down on my luck, and the worst is yet to come, I'm begging for some mercy cause you know I sure need some
My baby done me wrong, and now I'm all alone, just sitting in my room staring at the telephone, but I know in my heart, I won't be down for long, I'll be back on my feet, cause the Lord made me strong
I'm gone pick my self up and I'm moving up and moving on, moving on
The repo man picked up my car, cause I could n't pay the bill, and I found out that  my only friend is down and gravely ill, they say that the darkest is just before the dawn and I know I'm gonna see the light before to long  chorus:
I'm moving up and I'm moving on ain't nothing gonna keep me down, keep me down for long, all things happen for reason could it be my time or is it just the season
What don't kill me will only make me stronger I won't be down to much longer, I'm moving up and I'm moving on ain't nothing gonna keep me down keep me down for long