1. Is This Love

From the recording Is This Love

This song is about a beautiful man I met and thought it was only going to be a one night stand kind of thing but we continued to enjoy each others company.  He was beautiful, smart, inspirational and talented and I started falling deeply for him.  I did not want to fall in love with someone who did not love me back.  That relationship which I broke off because i was getting in to deep is what inspired me to write this song.  I was going for a 60's soul meets new soul vibe.


Is This Love
What is the object of this game we're playing, how do I win or lose
You keep talking , but you ain't saying, what you want me to do
I don't know what I'm feeling is this love or lust 
It's got my body rocking and reeling, I can't get enough 
Is this love, or is it just infatuation, is this love I want to know what is the situation
It's not just a physical thing, you got it going on in everyway
you work hard for the money, honey and backup everything that you say
Your body's beautiful, and your smile just captures my soul
and when I look into your eyes I lose all self control
chorus x 2
People say that you're no good for me, but baby I still want you
I don't care what the people say. because I'm so into you
I need a love that's gonna last for a while, something i can hold onto
so won't you let me know something baby, before I get to into you
chorus out